Calderglen South Trail

I decided to make the most of the good weather today and head down to Calderglen Country Park in East Kilbride.

Heron in Calderglen Country ParkI have covered most of the marked paths in the park now except for the ones heading south from the visitor centre. I parked up and set out. As I walked towards the Horseshoe Falls area I noticed a Heron fishing in the pond near the children’s play area. I made my way down and managed to capture a photograph of the Heron going about its business. I then made my way back to the path that leads down to the Horseshoe Falls. I crossed the falls via the bridge and paused to see if there was anything to photograph in the meadow area near the bridge. This also gave the group of dog walkers who were in the area to get a head start on me along the path. After about 10 minutes of watching the sun move, I decided to make my way along the south trail path. As with a lot of the marked routes in the park the path is above the Rotten Calder river so if there was any action taking place over the water it would be hard to see. The main problem I find with walking along the gorge is that it can be quite dark so taking pictures of birdlife can be tricky unless you have a seriously fast lens.

Eventually, I came to the South Bridge. I crossed the bridge and joined the Calderglen to Langland’s path and started to follow it towards Langlands Moss Local Nature Reserve. Again, this path is quite a bit above the river but does have some nice places to pause and watch what is going on in the treetops. At one point I spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker on a tree but it did not pause long enough for me to take a photograph (I think it knew it was in a position where I could get a good image as the light was good). I then arrived at an open area where I was able to get some images of some butterflies and other insects going about their business. I followed the path across the open area and then back into the trees and down to the Old Flat Bridge area. Time was getting on now so I decided to head back rather than go on to Langlands Moss Local Nature Reserve which I will be visiting next week.