The New Flat

Jack had spent many months looking for a new flat to move into that would make his journey to work shorter and help him build a better social life. He was currently living with his parents in a small village a few miles outside the town where he worked, but because he was reliant on public transport, he was finding his working day was a lot longer than it needed to be. Finally, he settled on a ground floor furnished flat on the edge of the town centre is a large house split into two flats. The original house had a large central staircase to the upper floor, which means the rooms in the lower flat are all of a corridor, which circled the staircase that led to the upstairs flat and was only accessible from the shared entrance hall.

Jack moved into his new flat within a few days of sorting out all the paperwork, paying the first month’s rent and the security deposit. Moving was not a big job as Jack only had a few personal possessions, and this was the first home of his own, so he had not accumulated much in the way of household goods.

After spending the day at work, Jack looked forward to being able just to walk home and not have to worry about catching a bus that regularly ran late. While heading home, he decided to pick up fish and chips from the takeaway across the road from his new flat to have an easy and relaxing first night in his new home.

When he had finished his fish and chips, Jack noticed a steady stream of visitors to the flat above him because the central staircase leading to the upper flat had a couple of loose steps that banged and apparently were unavoidable to people using the staircase. At first, he did not think too much about it but as the evening drew on the number of people using the staircase appeared to increase significantly.

Jack decided to see if he could find out what was going on in the flat above him and headed for his front door. As he opened the door, which leads to the shared entrance area of the flats, he came face to face with a couple of teenagers. They appeared to be heading towards the staircase, but upon spotting Jack, they stopped and changed their attention towards him. Suddenly and without any warning one of the teenagers moved quickly towards Jack and tried to get past him in an apparent attempt to gain entry to Jack’s flat. Realising what was going on Jack grabbed the teenager and stopped him entering the flat. At this point, Jack felt himself being pulled from behind and quickly realised the second teenager had grabbed hold of his t-shirt to restrict Jacks ability to stop the first teenager gaining entry to the flat.

Fortunately, Jack was able to break free from the second teenager’s grip and while managing to keep hold of the first teenager he grabbed the second teenagers jacket and manhandled them both towards the main door to the building. Although the main door was on a spring that ensured it closed after people entered or left the building, the door had been wedged open by a magazine wedged underneath it. The door being wedged open made it possible for Jack to force the two teenagers out of the main entrance door to the top of the three steps that lead down to the pavement outside the building.

Once they had got to the top of the steps, the teenagers struggled free from Jacks grip and stumbled down the steps, and both ended up lying on the pavement. One of them looked up at Jack and said

“I’m going to call the police and get you done for assault.”

Jack decided it would be best if he called the police himself to ensure he was logged as the victim in this situation. Jack called the emergency number from his mobile phone and asked for the police. Once he was through to the police control room, Jack said he was the victim of an assault and required help as the assailants were still on the premises. Within a few moments of ending the telephone call, a police car pulled up at the flats. The reason the police had arrived so quickly was that the local police station was just along the road from the flats and because of the vehicle access to the station, police vehicles passed by the flats often. As it happened, a patrol car was heading back to the station when the call for assistance came from the police control room.

As a police officer got out of the patrol car, the two teenagers approached him and started shouting that Jack had assaulted them and thrown them down the steps. The police officer told the teenagers to calm down and then looked towards Jack and asked if he had made the emergency call. Jack said, “Yes, but it was those two who attacked me and tried to get into my flat”. The police officer told Jack to stay where he was as other officers were on their way to assist. Guessing that one officer could not deal with two suspects, he accepted this advice.

Within moments, a large police van arrived and parked behind the police car already parked outside the flats. The rear doors of the van opened, and some police officers got out. Two of the police officers that arrived in the van approached the two teenagers and started to talk to them, and the police officer that had arrived first approached Jack. As the officer got nearer to Jack, he took out his notebook and opened it. He asked Jack if they could go into the flat and talk there. Jack agreed, and they both went into his flat.

Once inside the flat, the police officer asked Jack what had happened. Jack spent a few moments running through the events that had taken place but before he had finished telling his side of what had taken place the police officer interrupted him. The officer said

“That’s all fine sir, those two are known to us for this type of behaviour.”

The police officer then told Jack that as well as his call for assistance there was another call made from the takeaway across the road about three men fighting in the entrance to the flats, which is why the van and the other officers had been sent to the flats. The police officer went on to explain that the flat above Jacks was occupied by a couple of drug addicts and that the flat had become a haunt for some of the local dealers. As Jack and the officer spoke, Jack heard what appeared to be a group of people going up the stairs to the flat above his and then some shouting. Jack asked the officer in his flat what was going on to which the officer replied that the calls to the police control room suggested that drug deals were taking place in the flat above, so it had been decided to raid the flat straight away. The police officer then asked Jack to report to the station tomorrow to make a full statement.

The next day Jack visited the police station as requested and made a full statement about the events of the night before. He then popped into the estate agent through which he had rented the flat and asked them to resume the search for a more desirable flat in the area for him to rent.